Generating a year prefixed serial number in SQL

An existing SQL function I was using created year-prefixed serial numbers. This year it eventually ran into a problem where it couldn’t go higher than 201502015. Here’s my complete rewrite of that function:

	DECLARE @SerialNumber int

	-- Get current year as string
	DECLARE @Year varchar(4) = YEAR(GETDATE())

	-- Get current max inmate number
	DECLARE @CurrentMax int
	SELECT	@CurrentMax = MAX(SerialNumber)
	FROM	Serials
	WHERE	SerialNumber LIKE @Year +'%'

	-- Remove only the first instance of the year in the max serial number
	DECLARE @NextSeq int
	SET		@NextSeq = Stuff(@CurrentMax, CharIndex(@Year, @CurrentMax), Len(@Year), '')

	-- Increment sequence number
	SET		@NextSeq = ISNULL(@NextSeq, 0) + 1

	-- Convert sequence number to string for concatenation
	DECLARE @NextStr varchar(5) = @NextSeq

	-- Return zero padded serial number as integer with year prefix
	SET		@SerialNumber = @Year + RIGHT('00000' + @NextStr, 5)

	RETURN @SerialNumber

The function above generates an incrementing zero padded serial number with the current year prefixed, as such:


What you want to avoid is using the Replace() function to trim out the year from the preceding serial number, because, well, it will Replace() all over that value like nobody’s business. Here I’m using

Stuff(@CurrentMax, CharIndex(@Year, @CurrentMax), Len(@Year), '')

to only trim out the first instance of the year.

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