Greatest-N-Per-Group SQL: Getting the latest location for each user

This algorithm comes up a lot in the system I’m building. Get the most recent whatever for each user, along with all their information. Also known as the greatest-n-per-group problem. Here’s the most efficient SQL algorithm I’ve come across:

SELECT   C.ClientId, C.LastName, L.LocationName AS CurrentLocation
FROM     Client C
	FROM (SELECT * FROM Location WHERE UpdateDate < @Date) AS t1
	LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM Location WHERE UpdateDate < @Date) AS t2
	ON t1.ClientId = t2.ClientId AND t1.UpdateDate < t2.UpdateDate
	WHERE	t2.ClientId IS NULL) AS L ON C.ClientId = L.ClientId

This query finds the latest location for each client as of the supplied @Date. The main part of the algorithm reads as:

Return the row t1 for which no other row t2 exists with the same ClientId and a greater UpdateDate

The outer left join allows us to return users with no entries in the location table.

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