Sorting Kendo foreign key columns by text in MVC

The Kendo UI MVC wrappers make it very easy to have a dropdown in a grid column as a foreign key. You may notice that the column sorts by the id though, and not the text value that would make sense to the user.

The Kendo documentation has a great example of custom binding in MVC for custom sorting, filtering, and paging.

I wanted something lightweight to use that didn’t require rewriting all of a grid’s sorting functionality. Here is how I translate the sort type in a grid’s Read method in the controller.

        public JsonResult Coco_Read([DataSourceRequest]DataSourceRequest request)
            // Sort foreign key columns by text not id
            foreach (SortDescriptor sortDescriptor in request.Sorts)
                switch (sortDescriptor.Member)
                    case "CocoTypeId":
                        request.Sorts[request.Sorts.IndexOf(sortDescriptor)].Member = "CocoTypeName";

            return Json(Model.GetCoco().ToDataSourceResult(request), JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

My solution replaces any sort for the foreign key column CocoTypeId with the hidden text equivalent column CocoTypeName. This is the easiest technique I could come up with for sorting from what Telerik recommends.

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  • March 22, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Most working solution, Should be posted on stackoverflow answers


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