Easy Reset Button for Form Values with Kendo UI and jQuery

Here is a short and sweet all-JavaScript way to create a reset button on a form with a mixture of Kendo UI controls and HTML controls.

var form_cancel_values = [];

// On form load - Save current values of form controls into an array
function readCancelValues() {
    form_cancel_values = $('#UserForm').serializeArray();

// User clicked cancel - Reset all form fields to value in array
function recallCancelValues() {
    $("#UserForm [type='checkbox']").prop("checked", false);

    $.each(form_cancel_values, function () {
        if (kendo.widgetInstance($('#' + this.name))) {
            kendo.widgetInstance($('#' + this.name)).value(this.value);
        } else {
            $('#' + this.name).val(this.value).prop("checked", true);
        $('#' + this.name).blur(); // clear Kendo validator tooltip

When recalling the cancellation values, first all checkboxes in the form are cleared. Any checked checkboxes will be re-checked later. This is due to the default HTML behavior of checkboxes- they are not defined unless checked.

Using kendo.widgetInstance here allows us to set the value of the Kendo control, regardless of the type of control. That way we don’t concern ourselves with whether it is a DatePicker, ComboBox, etc.

The final touch is to trigger the blur (lose focus) event on each control, so that any “This field is required” Kendo validator tooltips are hidden.

One thought on “Easy Reset Button for Form Values with Kendo UI and jQuery

  • September 16, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Thanks for the useful information! From now I’ll definitely use this short way.


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